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Anna Karenina

Pevear and Volokhonsky, have produced the first new translation in over 40 years of Leo Tolstoy's classic literature - Anna Karenina. In the introduction, Pevear gives the reader a history of the writing that Tolstoy called his first true novel. Pevear explains how Leo Tolstoy took actual events, altered and incorporated them into his novel, and went through many versions before his story of the married Anna and her love for Count Vronsky was finally completed in 1876. The translation is easy to read and succeeds in bringing Leo Tolstoy's literary masterpiece to life once again.


War and Peace
(Classic Paperback)

War and Peace is centered upon Napoleonís invasion of Russia in the early 1800's. As Napoleonís army invades Russia, Tolstoy follows characters from many diverse backgrounds including serfs, peasants, royalty, nobility, civilians and soldiers. The novel details the many struggles and problems of the time period, their history, and their culture. As the novel proceeds, the characters move beyond their specific character roles, becoming some of the most unique and sensitive human characters in Russian literature.

Tolstoy: A Biography by A. N. Wilson

This book is the story of Tolstoy, as a writer, novelist and thinker.

This biography is the story of an incredibly talented novelist. A literary genius whose art and skills grew out of his three unpredictable relationships: his personal relationship with God, with the women he loves and with Mother Russia. Each of these complex relationships were ever-changing and full of contradictions. 

Leo Tolstoy

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